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Matanao means a place or something to see or witness at a vantage point. In the earlier days, the place was known as “Matin-aw”, a term used to mean clear. The name is derived from the crystal clear brooks and rivers that the place abounds. No one could exactly tell how, when and why “Matin-aw” became Matanao.

In 1920, long before Matanao was formally created into a municipality, Buas had already existed (representing Matanao) as a barangay of Santa Cruz inhabited by tribal minorities, the Blaans with Datu Edu Gamban as their recognized leader. In 1927, migrants from the Visayas headed by the late Rosendo Javelona and his family came to the place, followed by the Infestants in the same year. Protestantism was spread by one Pastor Diamonon through the Javelonas. Ranchers also invaded the place and have for themselves large homesteads. Ten years later, sometime in 1937, scores of Cebuanos came. Among them were Roman Albarracin, Pablo Chavez and Crispin Puerto and their respective families. The next batch of Cebuanos came in 1940′s and they were the Famor Clan – The clan brought with them the zest to cathechize the place, thus, Catholicism was born and a chapel was built giving honor to the present patron Saint Senor San Miguel, the Archangel.

Countless batches of migrants flocked to the place and various cultural influences account for what Matanao is today. The people of the municipality is a blend of Ilongos, Cebuanos, Bicolanos, Boholanos, IJocanos, Zamboanguenos, Tagalogs, Blaans, Calagans and Bagobos, Babel of dialects was experienced by the people in the place, but Cebuano came out to be the dominating dialect, thus, becoming the mother tongue of the municipality until the present time.


By virtue of Republic Act No. 1902 which was enacted on June 22, 1957, Matanao was created, along with 18 barangays. Its formal inauguration was held on July 7, 1957. Thenceforth, the town folks celebrated its foundation day every July 7 until in 1998 when the elective officials decided to celebrate its anniversary on the exact date – June 22.




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